What's in Life?
A dance...
A play...
A whisper of God...
A moment to Love...
A chance for us to meet
Again and again
And to recognize one another.

Ram Dass




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Dr. Milton Trager's
Psychophysical Integration and Mentastics

The Trager® Approach is kind, gentle, honoring and respectful. Trager® can have profound effects on the client's sense of physical and emotional well-being. Trager® is neuro-muscular re-education at its finest.

Dr. Trager, with whom I studied and learned for 17 years, gave me back my heart, my connection with my inner soul, and my delight in a healthy, free-flowing, playful body. I am ever grateful that our paths crossed so early in his teaching years and that I had so much close personal time with him.

I have been practicing Trager® since 1978, and am a member in good standing of the United States Trager Association / Trager International. I teach Introductory Workshops, do Supervised Practice Sessions and am a part of the Tutor field teaching staff.

I love The Trager® Approach. Even after twenty-four years of practicing Trager®, I still come to each session curious, open, allowing, interested, brand new. The ever-present newness of the Trager® experience, allows one to truly receive each individual in their full uniqueness.

Meditative Listening was integral to Dr. Trager's teaching. He called it "Hook-Up". This mode of Listening has become the corner-stone from which I approach every aspect of my life.

Trager® has two aspects: Psychophysical Integration and Mentastics®. Trager® Psychophysical Integration is what you receive. You lie , on a massage table covered and cozy, dressed to comfort. This is a time for you and your nervous system to relax and simply be, remember, reconnect, and learn new possibilities of freedom and ease. Mentastics® (meditation in movement) can be done lying, sitting or standing. You are taught the gentle Mentastics® movements to reinforce and continue at home the learning that was initiated while you were on the table. Each Trager® session builds on the openings of previous sessions.

What to expect: Bliss of a Trager session

During the course of the hour to an hour and a half of a Trager® session, you will be gently rocked -- about 8,000 times. Each little rocking motion helps to remind your body-mind of how to feel in grace. Each little rocking motion makes a complete feedback loop from the skin where my hands are initiating these little movements, to your central nervous system. Each little move is an invitation to your nervous system toward new possibilities for freedom of body and mind. Each little move becomes a permanent record of the feeling of comfort and ease. You may then recall this feeling at any time. These little moves are the way Trager® re-educates your nervous system, reminding you of how you felt before any injury, physical or emotional.

Some clients ask me to support them in making major shifts in their life [see U4U page]. With such clients we usually spend the first half of a each session clarifying and releasing the issue or body discomfort they are choosing to shift. Sometimes we explore the underlying spiritual issues. Often, whether the upset is physical, emotional, or spiritual, we use the Emotional Freedom Technique® of Gary Craig.

The Trager® session that then follows serves to integrate these changes at a pre-conscious level. Trager® and EFT are a dynamite combination -- at least in my hands. These sessions are often transformational and almost always full of grace.

Trager® has changed my life and gently peeled layers of protection away from my heart. My body is more functional and flexible at 61 than it was at 37 when I first met Dr. Trager. I am ever grateful.

Thank you for visiting with me today. I wish you much joy and ease. May your life be a blessing to you and to those with whom you come in contact.

For more information on The Trager® Approach, Trager Trainings, or to locate a Trager Practitioner near you, go to www.trager.com. Many folks choose to learn The Trager® Approach for their own self-development, whether or not they ever expect to be a practicing Trager® professional.

"These are the Mentastics of our ancestors."