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"A week long intensive with Marianna cleared out my mental closet of lingering skeletons, and cob webs, that had me chained to a dark existence.

I even tried to run her off, push her away, and once again prove myself unlovable.

Marianna, wouldn't agree to my doom and gloom.

Now, I am alive!

Thanks Marianna for your love,
commitment and persistence."

Beverly Nickles, Project Manager, Apache Nation, Show Low, AZ.
Beverly moved, transformed her life, and got a raise all within weeks of
her return from Hartsong Haven.

"Marianna's Hartsong Haven has the air of simplicity and purity---life is
simple, clean and close to earth at Marianna's home. Her nurturing presence
allows for deep rest, healing, and lots of privacy. She both takes care of you in a loving way and allows for space to be oneself. I heartily recommend time spent at Marianna's peaceful, comfortable haven."

Henry Herzberger
Vedic Astrologer par excellance

"I shall never forget that it was working
with you that I met GOD. Heartfelt thanks for that one!

Elizabeth, Teacher, N.J.

"A warm and welcoming place with a feeling of spaciousness and freedom.Lots of fun-filled activities for children and adults alike. Definitely better for families than a hotel room. Our young son loved it!"

Mother of a very bright and inquisitive 2 year old. Tucson, AZ

"Hartsong Haven is a fun, refreshing, relaxing place to visit. Marianna is a fabulous hostess and a wonderful caretaker. "

Pamela Sodi : http//

Like myself, Pamela has committed her life to assisting people in creating the world that they want

"Thank you again for being who you are and demonstrating your open heart to me through sharing Hartsong Haven. When I arrived at Hartsong I was coping with physical limitations and emotional challenges. At a time of great transition and uncertainty in my life, Hartsong was my safe haven. My experience working and resting on this land was very grounding. It encouraged and supported an expansion in my physical strength and abilities. I found a special sense of peace and connection unique to Hartsong Haven. This experience was very nurturing for my emotional and spiritual growth. My memories are fond and I am grateful for this support during a challenging time on my path. Bless you for what you have created - a service that profoundly touches so many! "

With love and appreciation, Lori, nurse and actress

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