The Journey

Where are you going?
I asked

- to places I have never been, was the answer.

What do you plan to do? I asked.

- my purpose will be evident at the journey's end.

Who has planned your itinerary?

- its plan will be revealed at times most unlikely.

Why would you consent to such a vague plan?

- I accepted the plan when I accepted life, was the answer.



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"I first met Marianna at a workshop she taught in CA. I did some private work with her as well during that time. It was the single most life changing session of my life. We cleared up issues around my relationship. My house, which had been on the market for 2 years without an offer, was sold the next day, allowing me to move back to VT and end my unhealthy relationship.

I next did several retreats with Marianna at Hartsong Haven. We worked using EFT and Trager to release some old and long standing issues which had improved, but had never really cleared, in my 26 years of therapy, and were still causing me pain and unhappiness in my life. Together, Marianna's magic and I created results that were remarkable, clear, quick and lasting.

Hartsong Haven itself is wonderful, I was never homesick while there because the wonderful animals who live there are so loving. It is restful and peaceful. I heartily recommend it for any and all."

Sari, nurse, healer, single mother of 2

A recent retreatant wrote about her time at Hartsong Haven.
Her words touched my heart and I believe reflect the feeling quality of what is here
for you at Hartsong Haven.

Come my spirit, rest.
Blessings, peace do dwell within.
Sacred is this space.

A story is shared
A listening heart opens
In awe at its depth.

Hartsong Haven -- Peace
Welcoming space for Betty
Engaged in Life's dance!

-- Sister Betty Betzweiser
Cancer Survivor, Chicago