The sun is love. The lover, a speck circling the sun. A spring wind moves to dance any branch that isn't dead.

-Jelaludin Rumi

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Marianna Hartsong's work is designed for folks who choose a life that works for them. With over twenty years of hands-on experience, she teaches you to bloom to your full potential, freedom and wholeness. A single session may change your life.

Marianna holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, and is a certified Massage Therapist. She is an Awareness Educator and Spiritual Counselor/Coach, specializing in Trager® Psychophysical Integration, Emotional Freedom Technique™, Reiki, Nomadics, Feldenkrais, and much more.

Hartsong Haven is her mini-retreat on the Verde River in Arizona where folks come for R&R and/or for U4U Personal Wellness Retreats.

Marianna's passions are: playing classical music on her viola (she is a member of the Desert Willow String Quartet and the Flagstaff Symphony), walking the wild lands, dancing, and living at the creative edge of hers and your aliveness and wellness.

   To work with Marianna you need:

  a sincere desire for Change and Commitment.
  • Commitment to your own wellness
  • Commitment to hanging in when the going gets rough and,
  • Commitment to learning how to become your own ally, best friend, and beloved.

Consultations by Appointment: In person, and over the phone.

             Marianna Hartsong PhD, CMT              
Sedona, Arizona

(928) 204-2608
Please call 9 AM to 8 PM weekdays.