What will you do
   with your one
    and precious life?

                 --- Mary Oliver


What Others Says





Thank you for choosing to spend this moment of your "most wild and precious life" in my corner of the world. It is my great pleasure to welcome you here.

Someone once told me that the Dalai Lama greets each new person he meets as if they were a close and long lost friend. We are all connected and we are all One. May you feel welcomed and touched by your visit. I know it is no "accident" that you are here. We are meant to meet.

My primary intention as you walk through these pages is that there be some way in which your day feels brighter and more beautiful, just for having landed at this point in cyberspace for a moment. Tell me, how may I serve the uniqueness that is You? How are our lives richer and fuller and more beautiful for having touched base with one another?

To the left is a menu of possibilities for your visit. For those of you who receive life in a primarily visual manner, there are pages of photos. For those of you who wish your intellect to be satisfied, I trust that what I have written will both answer your questions and stimulate your desire to search further. For those of you, who like myself are primarily kinesthetic, my desire is to choose words, mine or others', that will massage your soul.

There are many ways for us to visit and play, to grow and learn together. Seek and ye shall find, ask and it shall be given.

Please enjoy your visit. If you feel moved to do so, I would be grateful if you would let me know how it is with you and how your journey here has touched you.

Bless your heart and have a delicious day.

Your fellow traveler,