Security is mostly a superstition.

Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright experience.

Life is either
a daring adventure
or nothing.

--Helen Keller



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Hartsong Haven U4U Personal Wellness Intensive Retreats

The Hartsong Haven U4U Personal Wellness Intensive Retreats are designed to support you fully, when you are ready and seeking to change your life. Marianna does a remarkable combination of Awareness and Neuromuscular re-education. It's gentle. It's deep. It's healing. It can be transformative. She teaches you easy, effective clearing techniques; also, how to access your own inherent knowing/longing for wholeness. With Marianna functional wellness is the choice.

A U4U Retreat is a time for you to hang out with you -- a time for personal and spiritual alchemy. There is space to review and clarify next steps in your life or career. Pain, whether it be physical or emotional or spiritual can be transformed, transmuted, released. Soul choices can be awakened, examined, and refurbished. That nagging corner in your consciousness that all your life has known doubt or fear (shyness or shame, anger, etc. -- the list is infinite and unique to you), that has stood between you and full success and happiness, can finally be acknowledged, embraced and laid to rest.

Be aware that your symptom(s) may be your body's visible cry for help. The true work to be done could be a surprise. That is where the magic happens. Once the symptom feels truly heard, its purpose is complete, and the symptom does vanish.

Logistics for a U4U Personal Wellness Retreat:

You create a period of time (three to fourteen days) that you commit wholeheartedly to you, U4U. Period. Together, your schedule and mine, we choose the perfect time for you for this intensive. It can be here at Hartsong Haven, or, if there is a particular place on the planet you know your retreat needs to be, and you are willing to bring me there, we can meet there.

In general, we work together every day. I teach you techniques to support your wellness that you can take home. You get daily "homework" unique to you and where you are. Time on the massage table is an integral part of a U4U Retreat. The Trager® Approach allows all the shifts we have made cognitively to be integrated at a cellular level.

Who comes, why, when?

A U4U Retreat is a unique opportunity to claim your next level of wholeness. A very broad spectrum of folks seek out the U4U Wellness Retreats. Often these are folks whose lives are already working pretty well. They are simply at a roadblock where old, no longer functional patterns, seem to be in the driver's seat. They want more and better, fuller, easier, more joyous, freer, more creative, more peaceful; they want higher income, less stress; they want to go beyond their current limitations. Very often there is a spiritual component to their search.

Hartsong Haven retreatants are professionals of all sorts: heads of corporations, performing artists, single parents, spiritual devotees. All are simply individuals on a journey called Life. Most are very bright, though not necessarily educated in a traditional manner. They are all folks who are ready to take a very high level of personal responsibility for the co-creation of their lives. Often folks arrive here seasoned in their search for well-being knowing that more is available. Some folks come because they feel the gift of their life to be so "unusual" or "different" that they desire affirmation and re-sourcing of themselves so that they can bring their uniqueness to the "normal" world with comfort and joy. The "testimonials" share some of the breadth and fullness that is available to you in a U4U Retreat. Anyone whom spirit directs is welcome.

Retreat fees:

U4U Wellness Retreats are designed uniquely for you, including the cost. Together we design your retreat based on your needs, your vision and the desired outcome.

One possibility is a flat daily fee, which includes your stay, simple meals and accommodations, and all the personal intensive work that we may do together. This fee is constant, no matter how long or short we work on a given day.

A more adventurous and perhaps more meaningful way to cost-out the retreat is for us to dialogue and create a written list of the specific/ concrete/ measurable changes and results for which you are looking. We then assign, ahead of time, a monetary value to you for the freedom from the issues you are choosing to change.

  • For example, say you have a fear of flying. How much (dollar-wise) is it worth to you to be able to fly in comfort and ease? How exactly would you define your "comfort and ease" -- that is, what symptoms would have to vanish (like sweaty palms, racing heart, dizziness, pangs in your stomach, etc.) for this to be so for you? In this case, your financial commitment is to pay 1/2 of whatever our agreed upon price is at the time you are here, and the balance 90 days later when you have assured yourself that the results are lasting.

  • Into this formula we will also add value to the less easily measurable "beyond expectation" improvements that show up in your quality of life. This is something that is unique to each individual or couple that comes here. We will earmark these at the end of our time together, and again allow the a 90 day ripening period. Your integrity and gratitude dictate the monetary value of these extras.

  • If one of your goals is to bigger your business and income, your further commitment (to you and to me) is, at the end of the following year, to send me a check for 10% of the increase in your business income. This latter is to acknowledge and confirm for you, that although the work we do together may seemingly have very little to do with the work you do out in the world, that in fact, the more of You you have, the more You show up for You in all aspects of your life, including monetarily.

  • If you bring me to you, or we meet at some appointed place, the financial responsibility for my travel and accommodation are yours; the above fee structures still apply.

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